Photos of your MODERN CHAIN Ligne pieces here!

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  1. #1 Oct 4, 2006
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    Please post photos and info about your Modern Chain Ligne piece here, include size, color, price, etc. . . .
  2. Red Large Modern Chain Tote

    $2,285 + Tax

    I'm 5'2"
    Chanel Modeling 001.jpg Chanel Modeling 003a.jpg Chanel Modeling 005a.jpg Chanel Modeling 004a.jpg
  3. White Modern Chain Tote:

    $2,285 + Tax

    I'm 5'2"
    Chanel Modeling 019a.jpg Chanel Modeling 013a.jpg Chanel Modeling 018a.jpg
  4. Above are the Large Modern Chain Tote

    Style# A33378

    There is also a more north-south MC Tote which is Style # A33376 and is exactly the same price ($2,285 + tax).
  5. My MC flap in Black

    $1525 plus tax
    11. Black Modern Chain Flap Bag.JPG DSC01742.JPG DSC01744.JPG DSC01745.JPG
  6. IMG_0429.jpg




    MC Flap in White
  7. Small Red Tote:
    DSCF2439.jpg DSCF2440.jpg DSCF2441.jpg
  8. Red modern chain flap--the larger size, $1525. Style A33372. It is roughly the same size as the Medium Classic Flap.
    Picture 002.jpg Picture 003.jpg Picture 004.jpg
  9. Modern Chain Tote

    Black, Size Large, Price $2225.00+tax
    101_0120.JPG 101_0118.JPG
  10. :P
    oct bal chan 001.jpg oct bal chan 002.jpg
  11. Pictures if my Modern Chain Hobo in Black....there's only one size for the Hobo style.....

    I will take a picture of me wearing it sometime soon so that you can get the idea of how big it is....but it's pretty big and roomy....:smile:

    Somehow it doesn't look that big in the pictures I took.....but when you wear it with some stuff inside(like your wallet, sunglasses, cosmetic pouch, etc), it drops to your hips...(I am 5'4''~5'4'' and half range)

    1995 + tax at NM
    chanel mc1.jpg chanel mc2.jpg chanel mc3.jpg chanel mc4.jpg
  12. Small Black Tote
  13. Black Large Modern Chain::love:
  14. Grey Modern Chain Tote (e/w version)
  15. Black E/W Tote $2225
    Goodies001.jpg Goodies002.jpg