Photos of your metallic bags!!

  1. Hi PF members! I've noticed a lot of discussion and interest in the 04 and 05 pewter metallic so I thought those of us who own metallic bbags could share our gorgeous accessories with others.

    I have a Holiday 05 silver metallic box. I love it!
    053006 part 2 001.jpg 053006 part 2 002.jpg 053006 part 2 003.jpg
  2. Ooh, very nice! You wear it well! Looks fab on you:smile:
  3. oz that looks very nice i like it
  4. here's my pewter from 05 first. pretty common.

  5. Balenciaga metallics are the best! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your bags, Fayden & Ozzysmom! Thanks for posting pics!
  6. Ozzysmom, that is gorgeous!
  7. Here are the pewter 05 City and 04 First...
    04 and 05 pewter b-bags outside.jpg
  8. Wow! Your metallic bags are georgeous ladies!
  9. Oh wow...beautiful bags, everyone!!! Congrats to y'all - wear 'em proud!:biggrin:

    :love: I really LOVE the metallics, especially the Firsts!!!! I'd be a happy adoptive mom to any one of 'em!!
  10. From another thread--my bronze metallic, same season (I love that pewter!!)
  11. oh my! i LOVE everyone's metallic bags! really gorgeous, girls! congrats!
  12. Fayden-

    First of all I love your pewter first. Secondly, I am amazed you can fit all of that stiff in there. I went to NM this weekend and looked at a black first and ultimately decided I couldn't get everything I needed comfortably inside. Like you, I have Chanel glasses and they come with that enormous case. Maybe I should think twice about getting a first.
  13. omg this thread is baaaaaaaaaaad.... I'm slowly falling in love with the metallics (I thought I was safe cause I didn't think I'd like metallics).... Gorgeous bags, ladies!!!!!
  14. next time you go and see a first, try putting your things in there and see if it fits. that's the best way to do it! i'm sure the sales people won't mind esp if you are serious about buying it.
  15. I have the pewter 04 First and I can get a purseket (small or medium size) inside, which holds my Video iPod, a foldable brush, business cards, gum, miscellaneous "stuff", then in the main area I can fit a wallet (checkbook size), small bottle of ibuprofen, hand sanitizer, and I put my cell phone in the front pocket (it's the RAZR, so it fits without making the pocket funny shaped). You really can fit a LOT in there for such a small size. I was surprised. I LOVE IT as a summer bag!