Photo's of your maltese!!!

  1. I always find them soooo cute to look at!!
    Please add your photos.

    Here's Louis! He's my tiny guy! 3.5 pounds!:heart::heart:
  2. He's a cute!
  3. This is my grandog - Mr Biggles - all decked out for Christmas.
    Biggles 3b.JPG
  4. Aaaah! I love that you call him your granddog! :heart:
  5. laloki: your granddog is just SO ADORABLE!! and i love how you call it your granddog lol~~
  6. Aww, both Louis and Mr Biggles are adorable!
  7. Yeah I have a real soft spot for Mr Biggles - he can be pretty naughty but I can't stay mad at him for long :smile:.
  8. Awww Mr. Biggles is adorable!! Louis is adorable too!! Awww!!