Photos of YOUR D&B!

  1. Please try and include information such as style name, color, price, etc. . .
  2. [​IMG]

    I did it! The camera was refusing to give up the photos yesterday and I am no good at posting links here.
    My Dooneys are mostly AWL.
    Top row, Small tote, small flap equestrian, medium equestrian.
    Left arm, Lockhart
    Right arm, cavalry/binocular/camera/ammo case in back [first Dooney!] and square fitted satchel in front.
    Seat of chair, good old Dr satchel, Glove collection small camera case, equestrian wallet, medium Norfolk satchel.
    On bricks, speedy type satchel, very old with no tag and arrow type handle attachments and my wonderful Cabriolet overnight bag.

    The tote is really nice to use, the Lockhart is the cutest thing ever, I adore the shape of the Norfolk and love the closing on the equestrian bags.
  3. Kathyy, I am :drool: over your Cabriolet overnight bag!! Here's my group shot--

    Bottom row, left to right: pink hearts wristlet; black signature wristlet and eyeglass case; white signature eyeglass case and ID case; black stars wristlet; white stars coin purse; fuschia checkbook wallet; black stars wallet

    Middle row, left to right: Grape Mini Barrel, with a matching wallet inside; white "IT" mini-barrel satchel; pink Marchesa small duffle (I think); fuschia signature bucket

    Top row, left to right: Large North/South black "it" bucket; white "it" circle bag; Raspberry "it" circle backpack; hot pink domed buckle satchel and matching accessories.

    I am waiting for a lime-green AWL flap bag to come in the mail, and this morning I put on layaway an AWL domed satchel in orchid. I need to stop buying so much pink!!

  4. lovely!
  5. mine are posted in the other thread as well but i figure it'd do some good here too!
    Barrel.JPG Barrel2.JPG dooney.jpg platinum hobo.JPG Platinum ta ta hobo.JPG
  6. Kathyy, TDF! I love the old all weather leather. Back in the day, Dooney was second to Coach in my handbag lust.

    I've bought several of these bags on E-bay for very good prices. Your collection looks pristine.
  7. Red domed AWL satchel


    My favourite bag - Black signature mini sac


    I like this bag, but don't use it much - AWL taupe satchel
  8. Oh no, they are old. I bought four of them locally and the rest from eBay. The bone speedy was all of $10 BIN as the piping is worn through in one spot. The Lockhart looks pristine as does the black camera case. The rest, not new! I prefer predinged bags, the white mark on my LV Saleya PMs handle is haunting me!
  9. I have one Dooney bag and a duffle that I use for overnight trips. They are from the Nile collection and both are purple. Everyone always asks me about them..the duffle was on Oprah's favorite things a couple years ago and that was when I decided I had to have it!

  10. :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
  11. Here are my Dooney bags.
  12. heypursegirl - your drawstring bags are beautiful. (so are the rest, but I saw the drawstrings, and fell in looooove!)
  13. Thanks Merika! I'm madly in love with those drawstrings. They are perfect for everyday use. The denim one is great to carry when wearing jeans. :smile:

    BTW I love your red domed AWL satchel. It is very pretty. :yes:
  14. Here is my only one. Got it for 200 at Nordstroms.
    Dooney Sign. Shopper.JPG
  15. Here are my D&B bags, I love them.:heart:
    Thanks for looking!!!