Photos Of Your COTTON CLUB Ligne here!

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    POST price,size..etc...
  2. Large tote 1995. in light silver. Purchased from SCP boutique.
    chanel 158.jpg
    chanel 159.jpg
  3. Bowler 1750. in khaki. Purchased from SCP boutique.
    chanel 149.jpg
    chanel 151.jpg
  4. Here's the Large Tote in bronze, $1995, dimensions are approximately;
    at the bottom, my CC tote is about 13" wide and about 6.5 " deep {front to back.}

    It's about 10 inches tall and is about 14.5" wide at the top.

    Handle drop is about 9":
    IMG_0796.jpg IMG_0795.jpg IMG_0800.jpg IMG_0811.jpg
  5. Light Silver Reporter. Only comes in the small size, so dimensions are approximately 14 x 7 x 6.5 inches. Purchased from Neimans for $2795 + tax.
    CottonClub Reporter.JPG
  6. Here's a picture of the bag with flash. The actual color of the bag is better represented in this picture. It's not actually "light silver" like the name suggests, but more taupe or light beige.
  7. Large Bronze Cotton Club tote...$1995 plus tax (pics are w/ and w/o flash)

  8. I love the color... $1795

  9. Large Cotton Club tote - Blue
  10. Cotton Club Tote in Medium
    Color: Light Silver
  11. Silver Tote from Bergdorfs $1995 but no tax and free shipping!
  12. This is blue color with silver hardware, don't know how it call though...??

  13. My pochette,$795 from Neimans and the size, small!
    Photo 13.jpg
  14. Large Tote in Black 1995.00 purchased at Chanel
    Chanel Tote.JPG