Photos of your Chanels in action...

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  1. Today with dark red camera case and brooch.

  2. Been using my Coco Handle loads for work these days :heart:

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  3. Love your look!
  4. Looking lovely as usual :smile: — totally adore your beautiful camera bag.
  5. We loved it! Thank you!
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  6. Love ur outfit and ur pop of color!
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  7. Super chic outfit! I love ur jacket!
  8. Love how you styled this brooch! Great idea!
    I always love your look Bibi ❤️
  9. Love your outfit!
    And this bag is a cutie!!
  10. Looking sooo stylish, my friend!:heart::loveeyes: Love your bag, such a stunner!:love::loveeyes:
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  11. Loving all these items, beautiful jkfashionstyle! The bracelet is absolutely a head-turner, it’s sooo gorgeous!!!:loveeyes::love::heart:
    I haven’t been in here for a while and just realized our lovely @Kendie26 is not around! Hopefully she’s doing fine and just take a short break from here, I miss her!:heart:
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  12. In love :love:

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  13. Awhh..thank you @Auvina15! I love the bracelet, love at first sight :hbeat:

    Same here, on and off on TPF.

    We all missed Miss @Kendie26...
  14. Thank you!
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