Photos of your Chanels in action...

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  1. Thank you!
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  2. I always love a good looking Boy!
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  3. High tea today with my bff but felt weird taking a shot at the table so here’s a bathroom shot of my first outing with my Small Deauville IMG_5081.JPG
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  4. Thank you! The brooch with the chain really snazzes anything up!
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  5. Thanks! You are so sweet :flowers:
  6. Gorgeous deauville!
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  7. Georgeous! How do you like the size?
  8. A necklace from many many years ago!:biggrin:

  9. Thank you [emoji4] I do like the size. It definitely filled a need in my Fall/ Winter purse collection. I have a black Chanel double zip clutch and a black GUCCI Marmont bag. This is like double the size of the GUCCI. So it was a good size up option for me.
  10. Bibi! Thank you!!:flowers:
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  11. Thank you!
  12. My Chanel Travel Jewelry pouch. IMG_6329.JPG
  13. Love your watch and bag!
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  14. Hope you enjoyed your high tea.
    Cute tote!
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  15. How cute!
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