Photos of your Chanels in action...

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  1. cute shoes! and those pants, where did you get them if you dont mind me asking..?
  2. Thank you. It’s from Spring 2018 :smile:
  3. Out and about with the hubby and my Gabrielle :smile:

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  4. But I like your sweater and your gorgeous brooche!
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  7. @March786 Aw thank you soo much for your super sweet words as always! :hugs: :heart:
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  8. Welcome! Looking fabulous!
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  9. :drool: :loveeyes: LOVE this red!! :ps:
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  10. Thank you for your compliment, I really appreciate it! :flowers:
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  12. Love the shoes!
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  13. @Jkfashionstyle Here I am! :flowers: Happy to see you here again!:heart:
    Yes it's very quiet lately.... Miss Kendie is taking a tpf break and who knows when she will surprise us.
    LOVE the camera case AND the bracelet :drool: :girlsigh: did I miss the reveal for the bracelet?
    And what a fun camelia brooch, very avant garde! ;)
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  14. Ah..that explains the quietness (Miss Kendie on break). I’ll try to post bi-monthly if not weekly here. But love seeing your posts here @Bibi25260 and always looking lovely.

    I was going to do a reveal of the bracelet , vinyl camellia brooch along with a potential new bag (still waiting), hopefully available soon. I love the bracelet, classic pearls with a twist esp in ruthenium color.
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  15. When mini Evie is out, little Miss pink Coco comes out to play :love: ... My fav pink combo :hbeat: ... Have a great Sunday :wave: