Photos of your CAMBON bags and accessories here!

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    Please post any photos you can share of your Cambon Ligne, it can be accessories or handbags, just anything in the Ligne.
    Please include any info you may have as well, such as size, color, price, etc. . .
  2. Here is my black/white bowler purchased at Chanel Tysons Corner. It was 1375 I believe. Maybe 1395. I can't remember off the top of my head, but it's one of those numbers.
    Chanel Cambon.jpg
  3. Here is a picture of my Large Cambon Flap Tote Bag. Item number A26181Y01669. The original price of the bag was $1750.00, however, I bought the bag when the great sale was going on, saving myself around $1,000.00. I am also showing what the interior should look like for reference:
    Guiderealcambonbag_5a.jpg chanelcambon.jpg
  4. Large Cambon tote in Black Patent on Black.
    Retail price--$1495.
    watermarked2.JPG Chanel.JPG
  5. Here are mine..beige multipocket, pink medium bucket/tote and black large tote. Also in the picture is the beige agenda and the next picture shows my black/white earrings..and tomorrow I'll be adding in the picture of my new black/black patent flats :smile:
    The retail on these when I got them was:
    Multipocket in Beige- $2195 (now $3175)
    Medium Pink bucket/tote- $1150 (now around $1295)
    Large Black tote- $1375 (now about $1495)
    Agenda- about $395 (not sure of the retail now)
    Earrings- around $300
    chanelsall.jpg chanelearrings.jpg
  6. this is me and my only CHANEL piece :love: i bought it for $1260 US dollars from a PF-er :graucho:
  7. Multipocket Reporter in Black w White CC Retail $3175
    Small Bucket in Pink w Black CC Retail $1095
    Waist Belt Bag in White w Python CC Retail $1395
    :heart: :love: :angel:
  8. My two Cambon pieces: black/white bowler (style # A25171Y01669, purchased April '04 for $1350CAD) and beige/black medium tote (style #A25167Y01669, purchased Nov '04 for $1375CAD)
  9. here's my black on black small cambon tote bought during the cambon sale at NM earlier this year. Retail was $1095

    camobon tote.jpg
  10. Here are my new shoes, as promised. I got them yesterday and the retail is $530.
  11. Beige/black pochette $795
    Large tote
    White with python messenger
  12. Large black on black tote. It retails for $1495.
    chanel tote.JPG
  13. Black/pink and black/white pochettes - US$795
  14. Khaki w/Snake skin Long Wallet AUD$820? (Seasonal colour, bought Mid 2005)
    DSCF0044.JPG DSCF0040.JPG