Photos of the new bag!

  1. phew, thank goodness I'm not a fan for S/S except watercolor vvn :sweatdrop:
  2. My store has both GM and PM on display yesterday. They're nice. But I prefer Monogram Jokes and Monogram Watercolor:yes:.
  3. My lv store has one.....saw it in person, even prettier, but have not use for it really so passed on it. Retail is 3250
  4. It's nice, but too bright for me!

  5. Same here. I really need to see the watercolor in person. :heart:
  6. Cute, but not for me.
  7. I'm not really feeling it. Looks like it belongs in an art museum haha.
  8. This bag is sooo cool!!!
    Regina :drool:
  9. Cute! I really want to see it irl , Thanks for posting !
  10. thanks for sharing!
  11. Thank you for sharing that! It is definitely not a bag for me.
  12. I do like those jokes bag... hmmm, i wonder how it looks like... but i'm not going to buy it.. i think its rather costly..
  13. Gotta see irl ... thanks for sharing!
  14. I like the bag but in the other colourway!