PHOTOS of SWIFT leather...anyone?

  1. :P I keep hearing about this leather called Swift. I'm kind of new to Hermes and all of this. I'm a new finatic and trying to learn :angel: as much as I can as quickly as I can :yahoo: Does anyone have any photos, or can you at least describe this one to me. I would be oh so grateful.:nuts:

    Thank you Hermes lovers!
  2. I'll look in my files and see what I come up with.
  3. Swift is a new leather that replaces the old Gulliver (they are practically identical) It's buttery soft to the touch, matte, and looks smooth, although if you look very closely you can see some tiny texture to it. It also takes color very well, so all colors look particularly bright in this leather, and they are using it a lot at present and in many different colors...I love it and am waiting for a Havanne Birkin in Swift :love: which should be arriving soon....:wlae: Here's the link to a PF thread by Joanna of her Swift Kelly, so you can see some pics...I want to add that you can't capture the real beauty of this leather in pics, you have to see it and touch it IRL to appreciate it's full beauty...HTH:flowers:
  4. ^^^ THanks Duna

    I tried to capture the grains in the photo here but in RL you can hardly see the grain unless you look really closely..and they are not deep

  5. Thanks Joanna for posting the link, I just noticed that I didn't!! Anyway, your bag is a beauty and I'm in love with Swift!!:heart:
  6. nice!!!
  7. Thank you so much. You are all so helpful. Is there anywhere that I can find a list/description/photo of Hermes leathers, especially the new ones. Thanks.