photos of pastilles?

  1. I am dying to see a bag with the pastilles bag charm on it. Does anyone have a photo they would be willing to share? thanks
  2. i'd like to see too!
  3. yes me too, Im searching ...
  4. I found these :



  5. Thanks~~bagsnbags~~ i think the pastilles gonna look fab on my damier speedy and balenciagas....

    im not sure if i can afford it right now it a limited edition?????

  6. Anytime!!

    I think it's limited edition..
  7. Ok here are 2 pics!

    One from Nepherisis Auctions
    One from KK auctions

  8. wow..looks awesome hanging like that..
  9. Holy crap! The first Speedy I like!!! :lol:
  10. Gorgeous!!
  11. aawww...I LOVE it on the Speedy:yes:
    TWO charms may be a little too much IMO, though...
    I'd like to see it with just the Pastilles!
  12. I think i would prefer the other pastilles charm on my hand bag . The one above I'd use fora bracelet or pochette extender
  13. this is just HOT

  14. I like how it hangs on the speedy. very cute idea :smile:
  15. Very pretty but too pricey for me to justify buying a charm.
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