Photos of new togo kelly

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  1. I know I have been a slug about taking pictures but here they are finally.
    This is the new 32 cm gold togo soft kelly bag with palladium hardware. Also a picture of it sitting next to my two birkin bags (both 35cm, togo with palladium, one gold and one chocolate brown). Forgive my mediocre photography. The bags are much better in person.

    Greentea, Hiheels, Rose, et. al, you were all 100% on the money as to the size - now that I see it next to the birkin bags, I dont know why I could have thought it was too big.

    This last purchase brings my official Hermes bag count up to 4 (counting the black 31 cm clemence bolide bought recently). Of course, thats not counting the two wallets, the picolo pen case, the key case, the cashmere shawl, and the belt. (Those things don't count, do they?? After all, if you have an Hermes bag, you want to put nice stuff in it, right?)

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    i LOVE your collection, Steph!
  3. Kill. Me. Now.
    Just stunning!!! And your reasoning about the accessories is just golden. ;)

    Tell me, how is the feel of this bag compared to your Birkins? Ease? Weight, practicality?
    The Bolide also sounds fab!!
  4. Here's a picture of the bolide

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  5. ^ gorgeous!
  6. I love everything! Your gold kelly is making me want one so bad! GORGEOUS!
  7. Gorgeous bags!!! Congrats!!!
  8. Beautiful bags!

    I love gold togo!
  9. Great great collection! Enjoy!
  10. enjoy your new "official" count,
    and lets not forget that "unofficial" count!
    after all, you MUST fill your "official" count
    with lots of wonderful "unofficial" counts! lolol :yahoo:
  11. FABULOUS BAGS!!! Congrats on your new Kelly!!!:love:
  12. They are all gorgeous!! I would love to have your collection!!
  13. Just beautiful. Love the neutral palette. I've finally realized that I am truly a neutral girl at heart.
  14. you have a really gorgeous collection. so so beautiful. any one of them would look stunning with just about anything.
  15. Lovaaaaaly!!!