Photos of new Legacy Shoulder Bag - Fall '07 Style & Heart Padlock Key Fob

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    It's a stunning bag but I am not keeping it. :sad: It's waaaay too big for me. I saw photos of it the clay color that were previously posted and it looked a little smaller than last year's version. I think it's bigger. It's not as bulky under the arm but I think it's a larger bag overall. If anyone wants any other pics, please let me know and I'll be happy to take them. :yes:

    However, I WILL be keeping this! I love, love, love it! :heart:

  2. loove the bag but it does look big..and OMG I want that keyfob!!!
  3. Beautiful!!! I love them both!!!! :heart::heart::heart:

    If you don't mind-- how much was the bag?
  4. Yes it does look big. I ran to the Coach store while in Houston after seeing you model the Legacy Zip Top. That is closer to the size I imagined this bag being. Wow, I was wrong.
  5. Love both....can't wait for my key fob to get here!!
  6. I love that bag! I was going to check it out in the store to see how big it was on me since I'm not used to big bags. It does look a little big for me since I'm only 5' tall. How tall are you for reference?
  7. $448 but I got it with the PCE discount, so it was $336 plus tax.
  8. That's what I was hoping, because I love the Shoulder Zip. I thought it would be smaller, but it's a large bag (at least to me).
  9. I'm a shorty, too -- I am 5'1". I don't think it looks overly huge but it just doesn't feel right on me. I have always liked bags on the smaller side. You may try it on a love it!
  10. Okay in your photos it looks bigger than when everyone else has been posting pictures. I ordered this bag in Clay, but I was going to return it to try to get the shoulder flap because I thought it would be too small.

    Do you mind taking some photos of the inside? I am curious to see how much room is in there.

    It looks great on you though, but if you think it's too big then I would return it.
  11. I think that bag looks good on you Mokoni!

    Ok, before seeing this thread, I thought that bag was small too but apparently, its only maybe an inch or so smaller than the Ali!:wtf:

    Difference of 1(L) - 1 3/4(H) 1 3/4(W)

    (10329) Ali Leather Shoulder Flap:
    13(L) x 9 3/4(H) x 5 3/4(W)

    (11127) Coach Legacy Shoulder Bag:

    12(L) x 8(H) x 4(W)

    That means that this really is a bigger bag - looks are deffinitely deceiving!
  12. That's a great bag!
    May I ask you if that's brass or silver on the key fob, and how much it was? Thanks so much!
  13. Here are photos of the inside and photos of inside the flap pocket, which is quite a big pocket. If anyone would like photos of the bag with stuff in it (wallet, etc.) just say the word!


  14. It's got vintage brass hardware. The regular price is $448 but I got it with the PCE discount, so it was $336 plus tax.
  15. OMG!!!!!!! I just might have to BUY THIS!!!!!! It's gorgeous!!!!! Thanks for the pics!!!