photos of new damier items please please please

  1. so as many of you know i'm in the middle of exams, which means i've become a veritable hermit and won't be able to leave my house for the next three weeks.........which also means i won't be able to see the new damier bags for AGES!!! if any you have bought/buy any of the new pieces or just happen to have photos of them (or any other new items that may come into the LV stores while i'm enduring my self-imposed solitude :cry:smile: i'd really really appreciate it..........seriously.....i'm going crazy with all these books around me and i need some pretty new bags to look at....thanks everyone :smile:

    the sad part is i looked through my SA's lookbook like 8 times on 3 different occasions....and for the life of me i still can't remember what any of the bags look like :Push:
  2. I'll keep my eyes open for ya. Good luck w/ ur finals!!;)
  3. Good luck w/ finals JC! Kick some ass! Keep up with those Red Bulls and coffee.
  4. thanks jasanna.....i'm seriously dying to see these bags :wacko:

    and iris i think i need to cut back on the red bull :P.......around exam time i get extreme insomnia from nerves, plus red bull makes me sick to my stomach for some reason every time i drink it (not that that stops me :lol:).......

    but hopefully at the end of all this i get to reward myself with a damier speedy :biggrin:
  5. Good luck with your finals!