Photos of New 07 Aqua GH Work

  1. Here are photos of my new 07 aqua GH work - I'm very happy with the color and style. :yes:


  2. Congrats!!! I have aqua gh part time, and love it, too!!!!
    Don't you just LOOOOOVE the color and leather?????
  3. Oh my! Gorgeous! :drool:
  4. Omg that is gorgeous.
  5. I love the part time style too! I do love the color and leather. I haven't worn it yet - am waiting for the perfect day! Have you used yours yet?
  6. :nuts:

    That's GORGEOUS!!! The leather is totally TDF!!!
  7. :drool: holy gorgeousness...i love how saturated the color is. congrats! would you say that your aqua photo is true to color? cuz if it is, i want aqua too! :nuts:
  8. Congrats and welcome to the GH club.:yahoo: I love Aqua and i think it is a gorgeous color for S/S. :yes: Enjoy.:love:
  9. BEAUTIFUL!!! :drool:
  10. I'm using it everyday since I got her!! Color makes me so happy:p
  11. OMIGAAAAWWWWWD I want it I want it I want it:drool: :drool: :drool:
    That is soooooooo beautiful....
  12. Yes, the photo is true to color. And the word "saturated" is a great way to describe the color. The color is truly stunning. Thank you so much!
  13. Have you had anyone comment on your bag?
  14. Thank you Nanaz! I remember seeing photos of your natural GH - I love the natural color too! I also bought the white GH city - but I'm only buying these two in GH. I am satisfied for now. I just want some of the older bags now!!!
  15. holy crap that is one gorgeous bag!!!!! i love the combo.