Photos of my NON-sticky MAM :D plus modeling shots!

  1. star, what a beautiful classic u got there! :woohoo::woohoo: i agree with everyone else, i love leather variations on bags... it gives them more character IMO. if the leather was completely perfect or smooth, i think it feels too manufactured.
  2. I think that bag looks awesome on you. Glad you were able to find a nice one in stock! I really didnt notice the ripples until you mentioned. If it really bothers you, you probably already know the answer. But for what its worth, I think you got a great price on it and that would sway me personally in keeping the bag. Good luck with your decision! :smile:
  3. She looks awesome on you!
  4. I truly appreciate all the nice comments, but I think I am gonna go with the MBMJ Lil Ukita instead for my new everyday black bag. It's not has heavy and has less hardware. When it comes to RM, I think I'll stick with the Mini Macs for now which I love, or perhaps a MAM in another color that is not as heavy.