Photos of my new love! My PNY Expandable Flap!

  1. Absolute amazement at just how beautiful this bag is! The seller sent along a little surprise package with it that just made my day!! Such a sweet sweet gal:heart: This is my new baby! Soon I will get to a family portrait but I keep adding LoL!
    DSC02907.jpg DSC02908.jpg DSC02909.jpg DSC02921.jpg DSC02922.jpg
  2. more
    DSC02923.jpg DSC02924.jpg DSC02925.jpg DSC02926.jpg DSC02927.jpg
  3. moreeee
    DSC02928.jpg DSC02929.jpg DSC02930.jpg DSC02932.jpg
  4. Love this bag!
  5. :yahoo:It's gorgeous! I love that distressed leather. Congrats on getting such a beautiful bag:graucho:
  6. Omg Chag! That bag is beautiful I love everything about it. And what a sweet seller she also got you some additional goodies! Did you purchase her on eBay?
  7. I adorn your new goodie! In my opinion, I like this Expandable a lot more than this year's Expandable Flap.:drool:
  8. I love love love.....:heart::heart: your bag, ENJOY!!!!
  9. No, I got her from a good friend:heart:
  10. Chag, that bag is gorgeous. That is my holy grail bag. Awwhhhhh..........

  11. Thanks piperlu! I can absolutely see why :nuts:
  12. what a beautiful bag! i've never seen it before but it looks so soft and functional.
  13. Wowza!! It's beautiful! Congratulations on a gorgeous find!
  14. What a beautiful bag! And how sweet of her to send you the extra goodies!
  15. Thanks^^^ I can't wait to take her out :heart: