Photos of my new Konstantino bracelet

  1. There was a Trunk Show and a guest appearance last night at my favorite NM.
    I met the designer/artist and he was a sweetheart, best part was he was enamored of my DD. He kept talking to her, he said he also has a DD and I guess he must be missing her.

    I bought my first piece about 2 mos ago and was hooked and couldn't wait to get a 2nd one.
    The top bracelet/single strand is my 1st one, the bottom one/double strand is my new charm bracelet.
    DSCF2524.jpg DSCF2516.jpg DSCF2518.jpg
  2. Congrats, Swanky! Your new charm bracelet is gorgeous! I just bought my first piece from this designer a couple of weeks ago. Nothing too exciting, just a pair of hoop earings. I do love quite a few pieces from this line though.:graucho: Enjoy both of your beautiful bracelets!:P
  3. Where are this designers items sold? I have to buy something this weekend just to have a fix....
  4. I bought mine at NM in White Plains, NY.:P
  5. Yes, NM!
  6. Oooh Swanky! Nice choice! And how cool that you got to meet him!
  7. Wow those are gorgeous!
  8. Very nice! :heart:
  9. Wow, gorgeous! I've always loved this line! That's neat you got to meet the designer in person.
  10. Very pretty, congratulations!
  11. I see you went with the "stack the same style" option of wearing them. Vuuuury nice, Swank! I really like those stacked that way. Is the diamond bracelet next to your watch now?
  12. yes ma'am! LOL!

    Thanks y'all!:heart:
  13. Swanky... I LOVE the charm bracelet!! It looks so good alone and stacked w/the other one. You have such nice taste in jewelry!
  14. Wow... they are unique and very nice. Are they heavy on your wrist?. Your ring is lovely as well.
  15. they're really cute!
    congrats swanky:biggrin: