Photos of my new bags: MJ, JC, Fendi

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  1. Hi all,

    I just got back from Vegas. What a great time shopping! I came back with a couple new purses (one of them is still being shipped and I'll post that later).

    I exchanged my Stam for the Elise in Midnight. I had a hard time deciding because there were so many bags I wanted. This color was unique and the style is great! The picture I took came out kind of light. It's really a darker blue. I swear I spent an hour or more at Marc Jacobs. But I'm glad I took the time, because I'm very happy with my decision.

    I got the Fendi hobo because I loved the color. I put it next to the honey satchel for color comparison. Didn't seem to hurt on my shoulder when I put my stuff in it. So, I'm giving it a shot. This is a great light color bag. It's coated so I won't have to worry about it getting dirty easily. I do like my satchel, but I'm debating returning it.

    The Jimmy Choo I actually got from leshent on e-bay. I got it at almost 1/2 off. It's very nice and I will probably use it everyday for work.

    I also bought a YSL St. Tropez at the YSL boutique in the Bellagio (being shipped) and my hubby won money and gave some to me for the LV Damier Chelsea (which I haven't gotten yet). Those pictures I will post later.

    I'm very happy with my purchases - but I had the HARDEST time deciding what to come home with. Needless to say, I came home with a bunch of SA's business cards in case I want to call and get another. ;) :shame:

    fendi hobo.jpg

    fendi hobo and satchel.jpg

    jimmy choo.jpg

    mj elise.jpg

    mj elise 2.jpg

    Thanks for looking! It's so nice to share with all you lovely ladies!
  2. Wow... did you win at Vegas or something? :lol: I love the spy satchel! Congrats and enjoy your new purchases.
  3. ohhhhhh...i love the honey satchel :love: How much did you pay for it??
  4. I love the color of the MJ bag!
  5. honey satchel last i checked is 1300 on elux!
  6. oh btw i almost forgot. the honey one is my fave, i never seen the hobo in that color combo.
  7. Beautiful! Congrats.
  8. Thank you fayden :biggrin:
  9. Love the honey satchel and the MJ! Grats on your purchases! I'm dying here!:biggrin:
  10. Funny how you all love the satchel. I actually posted that in my bag showcase a couple weeks ago. The hobo was the new purchase in Vegas. I just put them side by side for color comparison.

    The hobo was $1160 and the satchel (which I got on e-lux) was $1300.
  11. Wow, my eyes just about popped out of my head :nuts: I LOVE the blue of the MJ :love: They're all beautiful, congrats!
  12. Love the elise mj. beautiful!
  13. Ha ha! Yes, I won me some new bags!:lol: No, I just work very hard for my money! Hubby won some - and I'll be getting the LV with that!
  14. Nice new bags! Thanks for posting your pics.
  15. :love: the MJ :smile: .