Photo's of my Bearn Wallet and Credit/Business Card Holder in CORAIL

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  1. Hi Hermes lovers.

    I'm just visiting from my usual nesting place over @ the Louis Vuitton forums and I just wanted to show off my Bearn Wallet and Credit/Business Card Holder in Corail.

    Corail is a pretty rare color to come across so I thought some of you may be interested in seeing it.

    My wallet has just recently been returned after a little repair it had done by Hermes in Paris. While away, Hermes also gave it a professional clean and it is now just like new again. I should have sent the card holder with it.

    The wallet is also a perfect match with my Motard Firebird.






  2. Gorgeous (both the wallet AND bag!). thanks for sharing!!! ;)
  3. what a rich color... goes well with your LV
  4. Very pretty wallet and card holder! Congrats and the colour is to die for!
  5. ...a perfect match, indeed!
  6. gorgeous bearn!!! luv the color....
  7. Do you know the name of that card holder? It looks so pretty and useful.
  8. Stunning color!!!!!
  9. wow that color is gorgeous!!
  10. What beauties you have!

    I've been trying to figure out what colour/leather my little envelope thingy is. Could it be Corail?

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  11. Stunning, what a beautiful color! Enjoy them in the best of health!
  12. Yes, thank you for sharing. It's always good to be aware of all the color choices, even if they are rare. Very beautiful and goes well with your new LV!
  13. That's a beautiful colour, I'd never heard of it before. Thanks for sharing!
  14. enjoy using your bag and wallet, card holder . . . .

    what IS that bag made out of? satin???? it's so puffie!
  15. i love that strong colour. :yes:
    can we see pics of the inside of the cardholder?
    do you happen to know the name?