Photos of Ko.Des Convertible Bag?

  1. Hi, everyone!
    I am strongly considering buying a Ko.Des Convertible bag to use as my perfect everyday bag.
    I haven't seen the bag IRL, and was wondering if any of you have photos of your bag IRL, or of you modeling it. I'm a bit concerned it might be too large, so any photos would be appreciated.
    Also, how's the lining? Is it nice and is it holding up?
    And another question...
    I was thinking of skipping the charms (you can buy a heart mirror or an eagle or a butterfly). Anyway, those of you who own a Ko.Des bag: do you think it would look to plain without a charm like that?
    Thanks a ton!
  2. I bought a convertible in light grey without any charms and I don't think it's too plain. I would say it's a medium size bag, not too large.

    Here are photos of me with the bag (on arm and shoulder). It also can be worn with the handles worn over the shoulder.
    kodes11whitecarryarm1.JPG kodes12whitecarryshoulder.JPG
  3. OOH that's a lovely colour!
    How long have you had it? How's the leather holding up? Easily to manage/clean? Does colours get rubbed on it easily?
  4. It is a very pretty shade of grey. I've had the bag for about a month. I have not had any colors rub onto it and it has not been hard to keep clean. The leather has been prone to light scratches or scuffs but they're not very noticeable because of the color. I've found that Apple Care conditioner works well to eliminate or lessen these and to moisturize the leather.
  5. Belated thanks to Passerby for reminding me of this bag when I was posting about the Cole-Haan convertible.