Photos of J12 ok to post?

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Feb 10, 2009
**I accidentally posted this in another section...very sorry I am new to all of this!:shrugs:

Hello hello!

I came across this forum by searching for advice on "J12 watches", and thought maybe someone could help me out!

I recently was a watcher on an eBay auction for a Chanel J12 automatic 38mm w/ diamonds (h1629). I was going back and forth debating on whether or not I wanted to bid. At the last second I chickened out in fear that I would be spending way too much on something that had the chance of being fake :crybaby:

I even called the Chanel Boutique in Los Angeles to ask if once purchased, I could bring the watch by for them to authenticate and they said no! I guess it's against their policy...which I really don't understand but none the less that's what I was told.

So my question is, would it be okay to post some pictures on here of that auction? I copied pictures of the J12 for sale. Tried to do some research and find out what I no avail...

I would love to hear thoughts/opinions from any and all that may be able to help. At best I would like to at least have an idea of what to look for. I love that watch but would like to find one for a little...well a lot cheaper than retail!

Thank you again for reading and I am really happy to have found you guys:yes::okay:


Jane Thomas


Jan 12, 2006
Right, most designer boutiques will not authenticate items you don't buy form them. . . not worth their time I guess.

Please visit our Chanel Shopping Forum, there you will find a thread called "Authenticate This! Chanel" that you may post in.

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