Photos of Harry Winston?

  1. Anyone have pictures of Harry Winston diamond rings?? I don't live near a store, so I'm only able to see what is on the web site, but I know the collection is larger than that, so if anyone has photos of rings by HW, I would love to see them! Thanks :smile:
  2. I would love to see pictures of some HW rings too!
  3. I contacted HW regarding solitaire diamond engagement rings without the sidestones. However they sent me information on rings with sidestones. Nonetheless, I thought you might like to see the ones they sent me. Enjoy.
    HW1.7.jpg HW1.37.jpg HW1.51.jpg HW1.56.jpg
  4. Here is my 3-stone anniversary ring from Harry Winston. The picture doesn't do the ring justice let me tell you!
  5. thanks for the pics everyone!!
  6. Oooh, thanks for the photos!
  7. I like their cushion cut diamond micropave ring. Here's some pics:

    The ones of my hand are taken with my iPhone so sorry for the poor quality!

    These rings are all betwen 1.33 cts and 2 cts.
    comparison 1.5 left and 2.0 right hand.jpg HW 1.52 E VVS2  far.jpg HW pic 1.55 D VVS1.jpg HW 1.33 E VVS2.jpg 2.43.jpg
  8. I have HW "Icicle" earrings...ceylon saphire/diamond alternating round stones with a bagette diamond at the end. 1 1/2 long. Sorry cannot post pics.
  9. :nuts::tup:
  10. love them!
  11. Wow, another stunner! Love the last picture - you can see how much it sparkles.

  12. What gorgeous rings. I love cushion cut!
  13. 918144998- Beautiful rings! Thanks for sharing!
  14. Beautiful jewelry!