Photos of Cruise Port Epaule MM and comparison to Baggy PM

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  1. I posted a few photos of my new Port Epaule MM into the collection threads, but I have received a few requests for some more photos, so here you go guys. I love this bag so much! :heart: It is big, but not as big as the GM.


    Here you can see what I have in the bag, and it is far from full. I can also add snacks for my son, a bottle of water, etc and still have room. I keep a diaper, wipes, bibs, etc in the outer zipper pocket.


    Comparison with the Baggy PM photos in the next post...
    mm1.jpg mm3.jpg mm4.jpg mm5.jpg mm2.jpg copy.jpg
  2. fits the red strap..gorgeous bag. Congrats and thank you for the pics..
  3. Here is a comparison with the Baggy PM for size. It is not much longer, but it is wider in depth.

    mm6.jpg mm7.jpg
  4. :wtf: This bag is not handheld ?

  5. wow I love that bag! Can you tell me the MSRP?
  6. The GM is handheld and also has a strap. The MM is just a shoulder bag. :yes:
  7. It is right between the Baggy GM and the Neo Speedy, but IMO it is so much more bag. :love:
  8. The Port Epaule MM looks very nice! It's not very big, I saw it IRL and it's so pretty! : )
  9. This photo (borrowed from another tPF thread) might clear up some confusion. I have the MM (the medium bag they have hanging.) The GM (the one with the handles) is the larger one that has been previously discussed.

  10. I like that it has so many pockets / dividers I wish LV would do that more.

  11. I love the Custom Mini Pleaty! :heart:
  12. Gorgeous bag!
  13. Ooh, very cute! Is the strap long enough for it to be worn messenger style, in addition to just on the shoulders? Oh, and I love your agenda! I think it's an agenda, unless it's a wallet? Can I ask what color it is? Thanks!
  14. Thanks... it is a little short for me to wear it messanger style, but I think petite ladies might be able to? My agenda is Indigo Vernis, I love it:love: and use it as a wallet.
  15. That is one chic diaper bag! I love the red strap, the contrast is very interesting. I may need to reconsider some things on my wish list now...very cute! T4P!