Photos of corner wear...pretty please?!

  1. I'm not too rough with my handbags, but today I noticed some corner rubbing on my 35 Togo Birkin. If anyone has photos of corner wear, would you mind sharing? I'd like to get an idea for how my other Birkins will fare. Thanks in advance:heart:
  2. Which leather? Dark color or light?
  3. ^It's Gold Togo
  4. Meltonian and Creme Saphir make polishes in the same colors as Hermes bags.
    Here is what I would do, (but each to his own with working on your own bags.)
    I would buy the gold color and dab a tiny bit on the scuff with a Q Tip.
    It won't cover it completely, but it helps.
    I am not a big believer in spa treatment, unless bag really needs major help.
  5. ^You are such a dear, THANK YOU :flowers: I will try this out as soon as possible!
  6. What's the best leather to get in a Birkin....I'm thinking Gold?
  7. Oh my gosh, be careful with Meltonian though and do not rub hard!!! It can occasionally remove the color from the leather if you use too much elbow grease.
  8. As I always hear complaints about Epsom and how terrible their corners wear, I'm quite keen to seeing some of these photos myself.