Photos of Beige Rose Croc?

  1. I have been checking the Reference section, but I could not find examples of the Beige Rose croc. Some photos' links are no longer active.

    Is there a kind soul out there who can post a pic or two of the Beige Rose Croc?

    I've seen examples of the Ficelle, but after comparing the Ficelle and Beige Rose swatches, it seems the Beige Rose is much lighter and even slightly pinker in tone.

    Thank you :flowers:
  2. I am definitely not an expert in H exotics, but here's my attempt to compare the two colours in p croc. Left side = ficelle; Right side = beige rose.

    ficelle beige rose compare.JPG
  3. thanks for the photo. beige rose is a really pretty color!

    these pics make me want a croc birkin more & more......
  4. Thanks, LTC! :flowers:

    The lighting on those crocs makes it appear very different from the swatches and pics of the Ficelle I've seen. Here, they are more yellow in tone than in white-pink.
  5. I believe that this is the beige rose croc color that my friend used to have. Please correct me if I am wrong.

  6. I think this is a beige rose croc. It's gorgeous.
  7. ILML, your friend's bag is tdf. This colour really showcase those small scales of p croc beautifully. Here are additional photos of beige rose croc without a strong flash.

    beige rose.jpg

    beige rose 2.jpg

    beige rose 3.jpg
  8. Here are photos of ficelle for comparison purposes.


    ficelle 2.jpg
  9. :love::love::love: Really gorgeous!! I'm going to lose sleep over this....
  10. this is my ficelle......
    017.JPG 018.JPG 019.JPG 026.JPG 027.JPG

  11. [​IMG]
  12. [​IMG]

    ....I hope this was helpful........see you !!!!!
  13. Oh, thank you so much ladies :smooch:

    angel, the Ficelle couldn't have a more elegant owner :heart:

    ILML... I wonder why this isn't one of those bags that your friend "left" at your house? :lol:

    LTC, you are a saint :smile:
  14. oh angel - you are one lucky lady! that ficelle croc is too stunning for words!
  15. What a beautiful colour it is :love: