Photos of beautiful package/wrapping I made for Kelly Pochette

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  1. Hi everyone,

    A few months ago, many of you gave me lots of help and much appreciated advice in my search to find a Kelly Pochette for a Christmas present. I ended up buying her a gold KP and have spent a lot of time making a beautiful wrapping for it. I thought some of you might enjoy seeing these photos of my work. Again, thanks very much for all your help which was invaluable in choosing the purse and color - especially Jaegerhomme, thanks a lot. You were all very generous, friendly and helpful.

    So I finally chose the gold Kelly Pochette, inside of which I placed a handwritten notecard telling her about the KP and mentioning Gaultier's design, etc. I also included inside a Twilly in the blue berries pattern (the twilly box fit perfectly inside the KP).

    I felt that the orange Hermès box is lovely and a big part of the present and overall presentation, and so I figured it deserved it's own beautiful packaging. Therefore, I took a slightly larger gift box and covered it in some nice floral patterned paper, as well as lined it with ivory silk charmeuse over batting/cushioning, along with matching ivory gimp trim. Last year I had a calligrapher make a design of her name so I could have it embroidered onto silk, which I used to wrap another present box (a Fabergé egg). This time, I used the same design in another color and embroidered it onto ivory silk satin, then wrapped the gift box with it. I wanted the ribbon to be the purple velvet with gold edges which you see, and so I had to buy the ribbons separately and glue them together myself. I did choose all the flowers, leaves, etc. which you see (and I painted them all gold), although I must admit I hired a gift-wrapping store to do the arrangement for the centerpiece (I'm not THAT creative, lol).

    I'm very happy with the way this came out - I thought the gold and purple made it quite elegant and regal, as well as festive and somewhat appropriate for Christmas.

    Last year when I was researching the Fabergé egg to give her and learning all about them I thought, 'I wonder what presents would look like and how they'd be wrapped if it was Czar Nicholas giving Christmas presents to Alexandra...' I figured when he gave her the eggs, either Faberge wrapped their boxes or Nicholas could've even had 20-30 people working on making some elaborate presentation and wrapping them if he wanted. And like me, using materials like silk, etc. That's what I wanted to make - a present which looked like something a king would be giving to his queen; something so elaborate, expensive and beautiful, only royalty with unlimited resources and creativity could make it.

    BTW - I also got her the Hermés Siesta tea set (tea for two; 17oz teapot, 2 cups and saucers) for Christmas. I think she'll love it as well, and hopefully both of these Hermés presents will be very useful and enjoyed everyday. Thanks again so much for all your help, and I hope you like my photos and work. If you do, perhaps you can show them to your husbands for inspiration and ideas (lol)! I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday season, and Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

    Hermes KP present.jpg Hermes KP box 2.jpg Hermes KP box inside 2.jpg Hermes KP box inside 3.jpg Hermes KP present 1.jpg
  2. Soooooo pretty!! You're so sweet! Merry X'mas!
  3. Very impressive indeed! Can I be your friend too? :p
  4. Just a couple more photos. This particular photo of the Kelly Pochette isn't mine - it's one I found on Purseforum (hope the original owner doesn't mind!). I'd already wrapped the KP and forgot to take a photo of mine, but it's exactly the same. These other photos show a little more detail and the color of the purple ribbon better - it's not actually as dark as the previous photos, but rather a royal purple velvet ribbon. Thanks again, and hope you enjoy. Hope you all have a Merry Christmas and get some good Hermés presents!

    Hermes KP present box.jpg Hermes KP box inside 1.jpg Hermes KP box 1.jpg Gold%20Swift%20KP.JPG dsp_hermes_twilly_berries_blue-07-4.jpg
  5. April is one very lucky girl to have a friend like you, not only generous but with such impeccable taste and attention to detail! Well done!
  6. Your lady friend is one lucky lady! Most men would not bother with the details! Hope her heart melts when she gets your prezzies :love:
  7. Congratulations Adam in finding your holiday gift. The wrapping is wonderful. I think your friend will enjoy and appreciate your beautiful present. Happy holidays to you both.
  8. The box is perfect! The KP is so gorgeous as is the twilly, she will love them!
  9. Beautiful Wrapping and beautiful Bag! My heart will definitely melt and my head will definitely not be thinking straight if i get that as my present! LOL
  10. Adam, it is beautiful!!! You did such an amazing job! You are as creative as you are romantic. I am sure April will love it!

    Happy Holidays to you!
  11. Adam! You are so sweet and nice! I must need to show this to my DH. He will have to learn to be more generous in giving away gifts to me, plus, the thoughtful wrapping.
  12. Adam, you are the one sophisticated man beyond imagination :nuts:.
    There's no point for me to show your masterpiece to my husband though: he believes an original shopping bag is the final, perfect and absolutely finishing touch to the presents :p. Hey, he doesn't even find a Duty Free bag unattractive packaging either :lol:
  13. Adam, You did a beautiful job. :smile: April is one lucky lady, indeed.
    Happy Holidays. :smile:
  14. I've never seen wrapping as beautiful as this. I'd probably keel over and die if DH actually surprised me with a Kelly pochette, tea set AND twilly! The world needs more men like you.
  15. Adam, the thought of purchasing a KP was incredible enough, but for you to present it in such an exquisite manner -- breathtaking!!