PHOTOS: My very first Chloe *slither slither*

  1. So after countless hours spent lusting, drooling, and agonizing over the decision, my very first Chloe arrived last night. Thanks to D&G rockstar and hmwe46 for their help in authenticating my new anaconda-trying-to-be-python silverado!!

    However, I have to say that I am not in love with this bag. :shrugs: I think something's wrong with me because it's such a lovely natural and neutral color and so unbelievably soft and smooshy!

    (What further complicates things is that I, along with divnanata, jumped at the chance to buy the metallic silver python silverado from Aloha Rag. But I had already bought this bag the weekend prior so returning it wasn't an option. Sigh, what to do, what to do??)

    Anyways, without further ado or long-winded blabbing, here she is!!

  2. your bag is so gorgeous!! whats not to luv about it? im sure the style and color is gonna grow on you!
  3. Thanks shoptfs - I can't figure out why she doesn't do it for me either!! Maybe I should go to the doctor.

    Now I'm debating whether to hold onto it as an "investment" (since there's such great speculation that the silverado line is being discontinued) or to just sell it. My dear PF'ers, your help and advice is much appreciated!! :shame:
  4. Beauuutilful congrats!
  5. She's sooo pretty butterflie, and you're getting a silver python silverado too... maybe you'll feel different after you have both.

    Congrats... i can't wait until you get the silver one too :drool:
  6. aw its so lovely - i would wait till you have both and see what you think then - you may love her more than the other one coming
  7. That bag is absolutely gorgeous :heart: and looks brand new!
  8. So pretty! congrats :yahoo:
  9. Absolutely gorgeous ... love the color! Congrats and enjoy ... this style is my all-time favorite design by Chloe!
  10. :nuts: I think she looks beautiful and as I own a Python Silverado myself I know how wonderful these babies feel :drool:

    Sorry you're not loving you bag - maybe wait and see how you feel in a few days when your Silver one arrives :yes:
  11. Butterfliie - what size is this one? Is it the same as the one we have coming? Maybe this one will work better in the summer months and you can keep both? A bit extravagant but lot of PF'ers have multiples of the same style - especially in Paddies. Like I said, though, I'm dreaming of those silvery scales!!!!! Ahhh - the thought of them glittering in the sun!!!
  12. I forgot to give a "shout-out" to KMSNYC who was also instrumental in authenticating this bag!! :yes:

    Thanks all!!! :flowers: I'll definitely take everyone's advice and wait until the metallic silver comes in (should be tomorrow). Then I'll post pictures and y'all can help me choose :p

    divnanata - this is the same as the silver. I really can't keep both though, must finance a few Chanels :push:
  13. I'm going to assume that you become snake crazed after both of your bags are here. It has been known to happen. Then you will want a back-up bag so that you don't over-do the wear on your silver bag. I think the metallic pythons are a tiny bit more fragile. So basically, you must have two. :rolleyes:
  14. GORGEOUS!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

    I am soo jealuos!!!
  15. Wow!! It's absolutely stunning!! I'd wait until you got the other one and decide which one suits you best. Or if both suit you!