*PHOTOS* My new Chanel silk SCARVES!!

  1. Does it count as breaking my self-imposed ban if I didn't buy a bag?? :sweatdrop:

    I am SO glad I didn't purchase the Chanel pearl necklace - it's just way too much $$ for costume jewelry IMHO. I popped into Saks last night to browse during the triple points event...and couldn't resist the adorable-ness!!

    The baby animal scarf comes in three colors: bright pink, the pastel pink as seen on the bags, and black & white. The other scarf is reversible and comes in four colors: turquoise/light blue, red/orange, spring green/pastel green, and black/white. They retailed for $320 and $250, respectively. Such great prices for 100% silk scarves, and by Chanel, no less!! I am completely in :love:

  2. Ahh, those are lovely, congratulations!
  3. I love that baby animal scarf, it's sooo cute!:love:

    Congrats & enjoy!
  4. Ohhh, they are so freakin adorable!! I love the blue one and wouldn't mind one myself haha, congratulations :smile:

  5. I love scarves.
  6. Oh very cute!!! Love the baby animal scarf :yes:
  7. Love the baby animals scarf!
  8. :nuts: That is so cute! I love the baby animals scarf!!! CONGRATS~
  9. Thanks everyone!! I love sharing with y'all :tender:
  10. These are fabulous! You are making me want to buy some...:p
  11. They are so precious! Congrats! How much are they? Never mind, you had it there!
  12. Yeah me too!!! They are lovely!! I LOVE the blue one!!
  13. OMG! i :heart: it
  14. I love it too! These are so adorable!
  15. I love the baby animals scarf! So sweet:heart: