*photos* LAST one, I SWEAR...

  1. ...until the fall :graucho:

    Thanks to Michele and Smooth for their invaluable help in authenticating my new luxe flap!! :love:


    I absolutely LOVE the single strap on this bag and how it's woven together, mostly because I always have problems keeping two straps on my shoulder. I think I have defective shoulders so this is perfect for me! :lol:
  2. Wow! That is sweet...Leather interior? Nice!!! Congrats!!! -most of all enjoy it!!!:p
  3. The goodies I've accumulated thus far. It's hard to believe that I bought my first Chanel on 2/22/07. :wtf: It's time to show mercy to my poor bank account.

    Early evening/no flash:

    Late evening/with flash:
  4. YAY! :yahoo: she's a beauty! wear her in the best of health:flowers:
  5. Thanks Emmy!! ;)
  6. Oops, and Mick!!! Seeing your luxe flap made me :drool: I had to get one myself so we can be twins!! Kinda :p
  7. butterfliie, that is sooo pretty! congrats :yahoo:

    and your whole collection is AMAZING :dothewave:
  8. Wow, I really love your collection! Congratulations on your newest acquisition!:yahoo:
  9. :yes: , and i'm as bad as you bc mine have all been purchased in '07 also.:sweatdrop:
    i have my last two from the EGC coming monday and i'll post those and then i plan on enjoying them , also until fall....;) we'll see how that goes....:rolleyes:
  10. wow, beautiful collection in different colors. mine is all black. love the luxe flap.
  11. Sooooo pretty!!!!! And what a happy looking Chanel family. butterfliie, you must know, I am pea-green with envy over your two flaps. If only you could wear two together -- they compliment each other so well!

    You are a lucky gal!
  12. ooh i love the color. and your collection is pretty sweet. the right mix of things.
  13. OMG, Butterfliie your collection is truly AMAZING! I :heart: love, love, love:heart: your newest addition!
    I cannot believe you started your collection such little time ago, you sure have been giving you CC a workout lol! Good for you!
    Thanks for posting such fabulous pics.
    Enjoy and Congrats!
  14. Butterfille, what an awesome collection! (in such a short period of time, I might add) Congrats!:dothewave:
  15. Wow! Amazing collection!! Love all of them!