**photos-I finally got my Darel Charolotte bag

  1. In the early posting, I told you that I finally found a boutique in Florida that sells Gerard Darel bags. I called them up & they only have one left in a honey colored brown. I quickly ordered it last week and it's finally arrived.

    I really like the color, but was dissappointed that the leather texture is not as soft & scrunchy as my dark chocolate. The frustrating thing is that when I run my fingernails across, it leaves a light mark:sad: . So now, I trying to be ver careful not to scratch it. I think I will wear my darker chocolate bag without having to worry.

    darel 001.jpg darel 002.jpg
  2. Lovely bag, it looks great on you. The color is beautiful. Congrats.
  3. Congrats, the bag's gorgeous and looks lovely on you.
  4. Beautiful new bag!!! :love:
  5. Congrats, it looks so good on you
  6. congrats! looks great on you.
  7. Devoted congrats :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    that charlotte is sooooooooo beautiful!!! Enjoy your bag and don't worry about the scratches!!!

    ohhhhh...it looks soooo nice :love: :love: :love:
  8. wow, nice bag.. but same here, so sensitive and carefeful with most of my bags....... i do not even bother using them coz i worry i will mess it up.. lol lol but the bag is so pretty..
  9. Congratulations on finding your Darel. There really is a vast difference between the different leathers, though, isn't there?
  10. I agree with Darel Girl. Enjoy your bag and don't worry about the scratches. They give it a distressed look!

    Looks great on you!
  11. Perhaps just a different style? Anyhow the bag looks great on you!
  12. Beautiful bag. Great style. It reminds me a little of a Kooba. My Marcelle is around that shade and it also scratches easily. I put my keys in and out of the side pockets and it really showed it. It bothered me at first, but the more I used it, and it had gotten scuffed/scratched elsewhere, it does add character to the bag, and now they seem just a part of the bags leather. Looks used and distressed.
  13. i agree with lexie...I like when the leather gets "used" and broken in, especially on soft bags. Looks great.
  14. Very practical bag, don't worry about the scratches, I have the same one, the more you use it the less the scratches show because the leather will get better and softer with the environment and the natural grease from you. I guess I am not describing it right, but you will see. It's my throw around bag. If the scratches bother you too much, then apply leather balm on it, they will disappear then.
  15. OMG I want it!! Its so cute and what a beautiful color!!