Photos comparing Cambon and Cotton Club

  1. This may answer some questions.
    Maybe not :p

    But figured I had them both out and may as well document it anyhow.
    I found the Cambon to be about an inch taller.
    IMG_2244.jpg IMG_2246.jpg IMG_2251.jpg IMG_2254.jpg
  2. great pics!!!
  3. nice comparison!

    i know it's hard to pick, but which do you find that you like better?
  4. Swanky Mama, they are both too cute!!
  5. Thank you! I always thought they were the same size!
  6. great pics! I'm using my blue cc tote now and love it!
  7. Thanks for the pics, I never saw them together.
  8. Great pics and LOVELY bags! :yes:
  9. Jayne, they totally are! Look at the pic from above, they're like the EXACT same pattern, even the interiors are exact as far as pockets and such:yes:

    azalea, I haven't carried the Cambon yet, ask me again in a week!
  10. cool
  11. This is gonna sound like a stupid question I'm sure, but is the Cotton Club ligne made of cotton material or just a different type of leather?
  12. Very interesting to see them compared. Thanks for sharing.
  13. Cotton Club is calfskin:yes:
  14. Okay thanks! I always wondered because I figured Chanel wouldn't sell a cotton bag and it looks better quality than cotton but they called it the "Cotton Club" still. lol.

    Thanks. Congrats on your new cambon. :tup: