Photos: Birkin in a Bag

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  1. Hi tpfers! I know there's already a thread about this topic but..

    Would you kindly post PHOTOS of what bag you use for your Birkin when you travel?

    I only saw gina_b's LePliage (thanks for that!) and i think it's a great option.
    But, blame my poor imagination, i want to see what other options are there: like LVs, envirosax, etc.

    What would it look like with the Birkin inside? I'm particularly interested with a B30 inside a bag, but curious with B35/40 as well.

    Thank you so much!! I hope to get inspiration from you all :smile::smile:
  2. If you wouldn't mind looking at and contributing to the existing threads, it would be appreciated. There's lots of great info there. Thanks.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.