Photoobsessive's obsession

  1. The only photos that came out where the coach clan, so they are first!:yes:
    coach collection.jpg
  2. I like the purple & gold Coach satchel and small matching purse.
  3. That's quite the clan ! :graucho:
  4. The meager collection of shoes (and the only scarf, of the 8 I own that I could find!!!!!!!:crybaby:)

    this coach shoe collection needs some work. i will get right on it! $$$$$:nuts:
  5. And the very small, very loved, most favorite of my stash of obsessions:

    my slice of The Louis Vuitton House

    (guaranteed to grow quickly or your money back!)
    lv.jpg IconGallery.jpg
  6. from the left:
    Mono Marelle sac a dos, Mono Glace brown 4 Key Holder, Mono Carnet de notes, Mono speedy 30, Mono Groom small agenda,and the drawer of refills and sticky notes and notepads! And ....the new Icons book! ( it will have to do until iIcan justify spending $120 on the BIG book!)
  7. Awesome collection!
  8. I love that coach belt! The colors in your collection are really beautiful!
  9. :heart: your Coach collection.
  10. I love that Coach lilac and champagne satin satchel in the far left corner, very pretty. And, of course, your speedy! Very nice!
  11. Nice LV and Coach collection. You have a great variety of Coach (I esp love the belt). Have you been to the Coach outlet @ Sawgrass? They have some great deals down there.
  12. omg!! so pretty! I love your Marelle and your Coach Kyoto tote!! GORGEOUS!!
  13. aw, thanks guys!
    the coach belt, ballet shoes, and kimono bags are my favorite right now along with my precious little marelle.
    The collection seems so small in comparison with everyone else's, but the upside is that it will have to grow!

    Anotheremptysky-thanks for the compliment!

    blueeyez-i went up there a couple of weeks ago and the stuff was spectacular! the gold satchel, tape measure and ocelot scarf came home wth me that day and im thinking about going back for the cocktail watch! pm me if you ever wanna meet up there. im all about a little bit of shopping with other obsessives, i feel guilty dragging my bf!!vbmenu_register("postmenu_147416
  14. I thought I already posted this, guess not.
    ocelot scarf, turnlock belt
  15. Pill case, skinny and tape measure! (i LOVE goofy coach items like tape measures! how random!)
    pill.jpg sktape.jpg