Arts & Crafts Photography Question, Undeveloped film.


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Feb 17, 2009
I see there's some photographers here on this forum so thought I'd ask this question here.

I came across 3 rolls of Kodak film in a drawer that I forgot to take to get developed. It's been maybe 8 years since I took the photos.

I know nothing about developing film, but I'm wondering whether there are some places that can save the photos on this film. I've had this happen once before and when the film was developed most of the photos were ruined. So I'm a little leery of just taking them to Walmart or someplace similar.

I'm also thinking if I have them put the photos on a CD, maybe I can work with them using photoshop to save at least some of them? Or would they just be taking scans of the photos from the developed film and putting them on the CD?

How would you deal with this situation? Im sure some of these photos are of family so I want to do the best I can to save them.

Thanks for any help!


Mar 16, 1980
In theory, you can still have the film developed and the negatives should be fine. Depends entirely on how the film had been stored. If it was in a cool, dry place, you may be lucky. Just have them developed and scanned and see what comes from it. Worst case, you only wasted $20.