photographic narrative project! creative people come help! :D

  1. I have an assignment for humanities where I have to make a photographic narrative. I really don't have any ideas and am not that creative so i would appreciate some ideas!

    here's the description my teacher gave me of what a photographic narrative is.
    It's a sequence of photographic images that communicate a narrative: an act, an occurrence, a
    story, a set of events, or a process of some kind. At the most basic level, a photographic narrative records or
    depicts a sequence of moments that contains some kind of change or transformation in the subject
    being depicted. (This change or transformation need not be tremendous or earth-shaking; it can be small, but
    it should at least be recognizable or significant in some way.)
  2. I have an interesting idea.... How about making some cookies? You could photograph the purchasing of the materials, the mixing process, the baking process, the cooling process, and most importantly: the EATING process.... Picture a lovely, cold glass of milk, the dipping of the cookie..... AHHHHHHH.....

    And bring the rest to class. That should score you a few extra points! ;)
  3. pidgeon92's idea is pretty neat -- it's a good place to start your brainstorming. As an instructor, I feel the need to tell you that you are probably are more creative than you're giving yourself credit for. Just keep your eyes open and your camera handy! :smile:
  4. Unless you would want to take the photos yourself, I would suggest telling a story of something that can be easliy google-imaged. KWIM. for something dramatic, how about the rize and the fall of an empire? With music and mood lighting. LOL

    Heck i might do one for the rise and fall of the USSR! Ima nerd.