Photographer levels charge of racism against star's (star is Jennifer Aniston) staff

    From Wednesday's Globe and Mail
    January 16, 2008 at 5:41 AM EST

    VANCOUVER — Allegations of racism are being levelled at a member of Jennifer Aniston's staff while she shoots a film in Vancouver. A photographer trying to snap the Hollywood star's photo says the staffer repeatedly called his girlfriend, who is Asian, a "chink."
    Rik Fedyck says the incident happened Monday after he tried to shoot photos of Ms. Aniston arriving on the set of the film Traveling, which began production in Vancouver this week.
    It appears unlikely, though, that Mr. Fedyck, who has made paparazzi-related headlines before for an incident involving Denise Richards and Pamela Anderson, will be able to persuade police to lay charges.
    Mr. Fedyck says his initial run-in with Ms. Aniston's staff happened Monday morning, when Mr. Fedyck was in his car with his girlfriend, who is Thai.
    Mr. Fedyck says he was trying to drive away from the hotel where the shoot is taking place when the staffer stepped in front of his car and later followed him as he drove circles through the downtown area.
    When Mr. Fedyck returned alone to try to get a shot of Ms. Aniston, he alleges the same man approached him, called him names and asked him, "Where's your chink girlfriend?"
    Mr. Fedyck alleges the staffer repeated the epithet 15 to 20 times. Mr. Fedyck says he was rattled by the exchange and, yesterday morning, drove from his home in White Rock to a Vancouver police station to file a complaint.
    But it looks unlikely that the staffer will be charged. "It's something that we're looking into, but it doesn't appear that there's anything that's going to result in charges," Vancouver police spokesman Constable Howard Chow said yesterday.
    An account of the incident was posted on the website for the Los Angeles photography agency Mr. Fedyck shoots for, attracting dozens of postings, including comments such as "I'm an Asian Canadian and this makes me sick. You don't...come to our country and say [stuff] like this."
    When contacted, the publicist for Traveling said she was unaware of the alleged incident. Later, production company officials decided not to issue a comment.
    This isn't the first time Mr. Fedyck has gotten under Hollywood skin. Actress Denise Richards tossed his laptop in frustration during a shoot at the River Rock Casino Resort in Richmond, just south of Vancouver, in November, 2006. Mr. Fedyck had been trying to take pictures of Ms. Richards and her co-star Pamela Anderson. The RCMP decided not to lay charges, but Mr. Fedyck and another photographer sued. The lawsuit was settled last year.
    Mr. Fedyck says he has no plans to sue this time around. "I'm just looking for respect. These people - they came from L.A., they tried to intimidate me and in doing so they called my girlfriend racist remarks," he says. "I would like an apology for the disrespect to my girl."
  2. thats absolutely ridiculous!!! I hope Jen fires that staffer