Photobucket Is Down

  1. If your pics are hosted on Photobucket, there is a good chance your pics are only showing up as a blank box and a red x :sad:

    It's not impacting all photobucket accounts but none of my pics are available including those in my eBay auctions...

    No information posted on the Photobucket forums but lots of unhappy people right now...
  2. It must not be all of photobucket, or, it is fixed now because my pics are fine.
  3. this is why I am always begging people to use our Manage Attachments feature. . . this won't happen!
  4. I hesitate using this feature, though, because the pictures I try to upload are too big/have too many megapixels. When I resize the pics, they come out really tiny sometimes. :sad:

    If anyone can explain an alternative way to have big pictures and use the manage attachments, that'd be great!
  5. you don't need to change the actual size of the photos, they can be big, just the file size needs to be reduced.
    I post big, full page photos all the time here.
    So when I take pics for eBay or for here, I change the settings on my camera to a lesser quality, that will reduce the kbs dramatically.
    You can chnage the settings to normal; not fine or superfine to help this.
  6. my photobucket links are working.

    i like the attachment feature we have on this forum, and i have used it a few times... however, i like using photobucket because i can decide when and if i ever want to delete my photos.

    swanky, can we do this? i mean, i'm not one to post too many pictures of myself and my possessions on the internet... so, if we ever want a photo removed, can we ask a mod to do it?
  7. ^ You can go to "My Control Panel" then on the left hand side under "Miscellaneous" click on "Attchments" and you can delete/view the details of your attachments. However I don't think you can delete them once the thread has been close :yes:
  8. The photobucket issue was resolved this morning :smile: . I just wanted to post about the problem as it was widespread and wanted to save the mods from massive deletions of posts without pics :hysteric:
  9. OMG!!! Min Lin Noe is TDF!!! :drool: Now gotta wait for a pfer to get this baby!
  10. siworae, sure, if you PMd one of us, we would happily remove an attachment for you:yes:
    It's just annoying for people to be looking through threads and seeing red Xs everywhere :sad:
  11. great tip! thanks! i'm always learning something new... :nuts:

    and thank you Swanky Mama for answering my question. i don't often delete photos, but i just like having the option to do so.
  12. OMG...How embarrassing. :shame: Sorry, this was a response to a different thread (replied to the wrong window)...:sweatdrop:

    And thank you Swanky Mama for the tip on my last question.