Photo Wallets?

  1. Have there ever been any photo 'holders'-or-'wallets' put out by LV? I see the two on eLux, but I would like one that held a large number of wallet-sized photos.:confused1:
  2. Yeah there have been a couple but they're really tiny (one holds 2 pictures and the other holds 4) and quite pricey. I think the best bet would be to get one of those credit card holders (the Porte-cartes credit pression) then put them in the plastic sleeves that come with it..they'd hold more.
  3. Thanks, Rebecca. I saw those two on eLux...yep, not what I was wanting, especially for the cash. But, I never would have thought of the cc holder, and, it would hold 14 that's great. You think the wallet sized photo would fit? I could always call eLux and ask. Do you ever see any of these on Let TRade or eBay?
    I'm kind of surprised, that w/all the varied items from LV, that they haven't come out w/ a photo wallet. I would think every lv'lover would use one!
  4. Well it's supposed to hold CC's so I'm thinking that the wallet sized photos shoud be able to fit also. And I think with those, you can even buy more of those plastic sleeves and put them in (I know when my dad got his, they asked if he wanted to buy extra sleeves).
    Anyway I know! The picture holders are REALLY small and I was suprised they haven't come out with something bigger like the Carnet de Bal instead..that would have been a lot better. But another idea would be to get the Carnet de bal and take the address book part out and add in the plastic sleeves that you can buy pretty much anywhere (I know even Claires sells them).
    Here's the Carnet de Bal- eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - Carnet de Bal
    And I'm sure Let Trade has them occasionally..they have an MC mirror up so they might have one of the CC holders or the address book eventually.
  5. Great idea...didn't even know that existed! Yeah...another thing to add to my wish list!:rolleyes: (thx for including the link)
  6. that's the c/c holder. pix fit well and its awesome.
  7. You're welcome! My dad has the same thing and has CC's in some of the windows and the wallet pics in some of the others. Haha. The neverending list, huh. :lol:
  8. I use the plastic cc holder mentioned above as a mini-photo album in my purse, it works great, lots of room for photos. The "photoholders" just don't hold enough. This is one of a very few LV "bargains" I think!