Photo reference thread- COMMENTS

  1. MCIS - I'm positively drooling over your chocolate jaquetta - it's gorgeous!!!!:drool:
  2. is the jaquetta heavy?
  3. I think the photo reference and catwalk threads are great. I never thought I liked Roxanne until I saw Chaz modelling hers.Oh no.....I'll be wishing for Roxanne now.It is great to see a wide variety of bags and amazing how they don't look near as good on the mulberry website as they do in real life.
  4. Wow, just looked at all you lot modelling, Mulberry should use you! I have to say the bags come to life when you see them in use! Well done you brave girlies, keep the pics coming I say! :jammin:
  5. Thanks hun!!! I think Jo looks paticularly lovely with her Annie!!! It inspired me to get my black one!!!:love:
  6. You're so sweet Chaz!!!:shame:

    You look fabulous with your black Annie - good choice!:wlae:
  7. Ditto!
  8. OO, just spotted this!! Thats ok hun!!! I still don't belive you about the M+S underwear tho!!!!
  9. Hey don`t knock M+S undies , I wouldn`t have a bust without my M+S Bra !!!!
  10. Hahahaha!! I would'nt have one if it wasn't for good ole silicone!!!!!!!!!!! But I think some bum control pants are very tempting indeed,especially as I can't be arsed to drag my backside to the gym!!!!!!

    But I have long had M+S bras as a wardrobe must have,they're bloody brilliant!!!:tup:
  11. mmmmmmmmmmmm

    Hooray!!! Now I know how to 'snatch' pics!!!
  12. Another go..........[​IMG]

    Whoo Hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. wow, that's my kind of ring!!!
  14. [​IMG]

    And here is one of an extremely cute bunny I found!!!!!!!!!
  15. Rach,you should have a nose about on the jewellery forum sometime!!!:tup: