Photo of vernis heart with charms

  1. Sorry, I don't knwo why it isn't going to the item...but it is there:yes:
  2. The Enveloppe Plate below it looks new too.. YAY! Those are HOT!
  3. I didn't see that...I like that even better!!
  4. Ooh I know.. I wonder if that's how the Miroir Cosmetic Case will look too? :confused1:
  5. Oh I love that one too. I will have to get one :graucho:
  6. wow it looks so nice. love it!
  7. Love love love this!
  8. Haha Kim.. we should go shopping together some time! Our LV taste is nearly the same. :smile:
  9. Actually I have seen these on the French site over the summer. I'm not sure if these are the new change purses that we heard about that the other TPFers saw in the new lookbooks. Anyone else know?
  10. Hmm, can you post a pic somehow?
    I cant read french :[
  11. We totally should! Anyone know when these are coming out? I want one!
  12. Those are the old discontinued ones!
  13. very pretty, wish we could just order them straight from the site!
  14. ^^^ Hmmmm...I really like that one too.:tup: