photo of satchel vs. medium pocket

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  1. I morphed (kinda) pictures of 2 models from NAP to give an idea of the difference in size b/w the pocket paddy and the satchel....interesting huh??

    I can't wait to get my yellow -- I'm hoping it'll fit more. We shall see . .
  2. Nice comparison! Just spoke to a SA at NM Boston, she indicated the medium pocket is a bit larger than the satchel (pics above seem to support).
  3. thanks, SoCal and mammab for the comparisons! I am deeply in love with all of the chloe bags you both have :love: :nuts:
  4. I did a compilation of the S/S lineup a while back...but you brought them closer together! Now I am wishing I hadn't sent my jeans moyen Paddy back!

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  5. The medium pocket reminds me of a big box satchel.
  6. HOORAY! Then that is what I need. And maybe the jeans moyen back.
  7. I am having a lazy day...I will take a photo of the medium pocket when I get myself together (e.g. dressed) is quite slouchy doesn't really have the box shape the NAP photo indicates. It is more like the photo ET posted from RH.
  8. Now I am the last person to be the voice of "reason" here...but wasn't it the case that you did not like the proportions of the traditional paddy when on the shoulder...

    BTW, NM Boston has the medium paddy professor/pocket/satchel in grey (noir grey/black/slight blue or non-metallic anthracite depending on where else you shop...).
  9. You're right. I sent it back because the shape was wrong...and hubby said it was "not me," seconded by my neighbors. But the color is SO pretty......
  10. Not good enough! (I am practicing what I tell myself...who am I kidding...)
  11. Before your hubby and neighbor said anything, what did *you* think of it on you? Did you think it looked strange?
  12. I didn't think it was exactly a *flattering* bag on, and I was on the fence...but probably in part due to the fact that it's the most I have EVER paid for a bag (and now look at me!). But the color.....
  13. Hmm. I haven't even checked to see what I look like with the bag on :weird: I just usually carry it handheld or on my arm
  14. I think the satchel makes my boobies look bigger :amazed: :shame::shame::shame:
  15. in that case, maybe i should change my order to the satchel??:amazed: :lol: