Photo of new Luxe Tote

  1. not mine! In this month's The Book from NM!
    Gold {shown} or Silver calfskin $2550.
  2. Pretty! Thanks for posting it!
  3. Just noticed gold hardware on this one! Bad for me, great for some of y'all!
  4. Yeah, I'm lost on the gold h/w too! I like this season's shape and style better.

    Thanks for posting and saving my budget, Swanky! :biggrin:
  5. Good for me since I am on a black bag with silver hw ban... but bad for my pocketbook!! Looks gorgeous but if I am lucky enough to get the baby cabas in khaki, i will need to back away from this bag....
  6. very nice !!! hope to see more close-up pic
  7. Love it!!!
    So nice and BIG. . .
  8. Ya lucky ducky!! Love it!
  9. I got the catalog and saw this also. I love the color. It's a beautiful bag. I just wish I had the funds.:crybaby:
  10. Very pretty but I am a silver hardware kinda girl....
  11. I got the catalog as well and as much as I really like the color and the h/w, I don't like all the chains on this bag. If the two bottom chains weren't there, I think I'd be in love.
  12. Very nice, I really like the shape.
  13. Love the shape but I'm not crazy about the extra stitching, especially on those bottom corners. It's not needed.
  14. I think it's very pretty! I love the color and while I tend to gravitate to less flashy bags something about this one say "buy me"!! However that won't be happening since I'm getting the khaki baby cabas instead. I guess if I don't like it once I get it I can always check into availability of this bag. Thanks for posting the picture Swanky!
  15. WOw that's pricey but bEAUTIFULLLLLLLLLL.........
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