photo of Legacy shoulder?

  1. does anyone with a Legacy shoulder bag have a picture of it on your shoulder? I'd like to get an idea of size.

  2. there are LOTS of threads with pics- just do a search and i'm sure you'll find the pics you need!
  3. I LOVE convincing people to get the shoulder! Here's me wearing my plum suede one. For reference, I'm 5'6" and have a fairly large frame.

    I've already admitted to being a shoulder bag slut on other threads, but I love the style of this bag! I also have it in whiskey and think I really want one in pond!
    legacy on.JPG
  4. ^willowsmom, your Shoulder Bag looks wonderful on you! :yes:
  5. you're the best, willowsmom! :smile:

    and i agree with the poster above. it looks great!
  6. Thanks so much mokoni and hrimaliv.

    And hrimaliv, trust me, you won't be disappointed in this bag!
  7. Here's the white shoulder bag
  8. I love them both. They look great on both of you! I think I want the Pond one now too. I wonder if they'll be around for the next PCE and I can wait until them. I really don't wait to pay full-price. (I live like 10 minutes away from a flagship store that carries Legacy). I reallly want a nice blue bag and I think the Pond Shoulder bag is it. I wonder if it's hit the outlets yet?
  9. beanpolejd: lucky girl! so close to a flagship store!!! I ordered a pond wristlet without having ever seeing it in real life, so i'm excited for it to arrive!

    and pursefanatic85- thanks so much for the photo. it looks great!
  10. that bag looks great on everyone who wears it!
  11. You'll have to excuse the pjs, but this is with a big bulky college sweatshirt on.:yes:
    DSC04478.JPG DSC04480.JPG DSC04487.JPG
  12. It looks awesome on everyone! PurseFanatic, do you have a hard time keeping the white clean? It is so gorgeous, but I don't know how the leather would hold up! I am debating between Natural and White Shoulder Bag, although I love Pond, I don't know if its practical for me!
  13. handbag Ashley-- Love it!

    man, you guys are terrible. How in the world am i going to explain a $400 purchase to my boyfriend?! :confused1: