Photo of grain - togo or clemence?

  1. OK, here we go! Since I have no idea what leather my new HAC is, please chime in experts. Thanks!!!!



  2. Can we get a full shot? I can tell better with an overall look as well. It doesn't look like Togo to me right now, but possibly Clemence or Fjord.
  3. Ah, I was hoping you'd post close-ups!!
    The close-ups don't show the veining though...
    Looks more like togo than clemence but have not ruled out the fjord possibility...
    What does it smell like?
  4. Here ya go?

  5. Voila! Looks like Marron Fonce Fjord to me! And it is just stunning.
  6. Here's clemence... it doesn't at all look like clemence. But whatever it is.... it's gorgeous!!

  7. Here's Togo, doesn't look like Togo to me either :shrugs: Are you sure it's not Fjord like Orchids said?
  8. Heavy veining, matte finish, prominent pores, and moderate slouching(assuming it's unstuffed).......another vote for Fjord.
  9. Hmm I don't see the matte-ness of it except in the last photo...Does it make a slightly scratchy sound when you run your hand over it? Because if so, that would mean it's Fjord.
    Otherwise, I feel like it's Togo.
  10. Yes, I think it's Fjord!
  11. I have to agree with orchids that it looks like Fjord now. The earlier picture that showed the shine threw me off.

    Touch it. Does it feel velvety? If yes, it's definitely Fjord.
  12. it looks like it has the soft touch of clemance but I think with the veining it must be fjord...maybe a softer fjord.
  13. Looks like Fjord in Marron Fonce. Do you know the color? If the color is Marron Fonce, then the leather is Fjord (probably) or Clemence, since I do not think Togo comes in Marron Fonce. If the color says chocolat, then the leather is probably Togo sinceFjord cdoes not come in Marron Fonce.
  14. AL, It's MF fjord!!!!!!!! I'm almost positive. Looks exactly like mine! Isn't fjord heavenly?
  15. It looks like Fjord to me