Photo of FB City with GGH?

  1. If anyone has a pic of French Blue City with Giant Gold Hardware, it would be ever so much appreciated!! Thanks...just in case!
  2. Thanks so much joyfishyu!! Sadly, I did a search before I posted, but, clearly, not a thorough enough one. Many thanks again!
  3. :drool: that FB is stunning
  4. I thought FB is mostly sold out... would you be able to get your hands on one now???
  5. I'm trying Ali, I'm trying!! :yes:
  6. French Blue is so pretty, especially with the GH:girlsigh:
  7. I know Blessings, I agree, but....hmmmm, now I'm's such a pretty, punchy colour, I wonder if the GH isn't too much competition? I mean, with a colour as gorgeous as that, do you really want to adorn it or let it stand-alone?? Decisions, decisions, decisions.... :confused1: