photo facial

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  1. has anyone had this done...does it hurt???
  2. Yes, it hurts like hell. And it is a wee bit claustrophobic. But it is totally worth it. Have a Long Island Iced Tea before you go. It helps me. Or a tranquilizer pill. Something to take the edge off.
  3. what is the exact procedure and how well are the results???
  4. If I were you, I'd go to a med spa for a free consultation to see if you even need it. They can also show you the equipment and discuss their procedure.

    As far as my procedure is concerned, they do a chemical peel or dermabrasion before the laser treatment.

    When I go in for the laser work, they put "ultrasound" gel on my face. Then they use the handheld device and hold it down on your skin and start zapping you. Feels like a rubber band snapping at you. My spa has a "chiller" that they use to cool the area before they hit it. And they go over my entire face (except eye and lip area) three times. I can usually only take two passes before I'm done.

    However, the benefit to me is that it cured me of my lifelong acne, and helped to eliminate dark patches on my face.
  5. oregonfanlisa, does it cure acne? i break out sometimes (especially when i dont get enough sleep, is stressed out or when my period is coming) so i have these redness in my face - might mainly come from acne scars? so if this can cure/lessen the redness/darker spots, it will be wonderful for me! :smile:

    (i made my skin sound so bad. lol)
  6. Yes, it did wonders for my acne. However, mine was not cystic. Just regular small to medium breakouts on a consistent basis. Chemical peels alone also do wonders. I get those before each photo. My 15 yr old daughter has seen improvement in her acne with peels ever 4 weeks. You might try peels first. They are way cheaper than laser work.
  7. i believe this is very similar to an IPL (intensive pulsed light) treatment - if so, it is a little painful at first - kind of feels like rubber bands snapping against your face or like matches going out on your skin - but i have a high tolance to pain so this was totally dealabel for me - but the results are SO worth your while!!!
  8. I just wanna get rid of my freckles...I have sun freckles
  9. I have been having this done and it is really painful, the pain lasts for the remainder of the day too. Just like a really really bad sunburn. HOWEVER, I continue to go back and get more treatments because it works. I have melasma, really bad hyperpigmentation over half of my face from pregnancy and sun damage. It has been lessened a great deal. I have had it done at 4 different places and there is only one machine that works on my skin so I am currently going back to that DR to have treatments done. Good luck and I hope you are really happy with your results!
  10. Oh my goodness! Sounds painful :sad: