Photo comparisons: Bluefly v. My Barneys bag

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  1. Hey ladies,

    More proof... I took a picture of my red city from Barneys and compared it w/ the bales on the red the Bluefly posted. There is a distinct difference... :weird:


  2. Yeah, that's bad. Did you buy any bags from BF today, Spiral?
  3. Nope litlj!
    Thank goodness, I was conked-out asleep from studying when the turquoise was online, or I totally would have...
  4. besides the shape of the bales, notice where the strip of leather is sticking up just under the bale of the fake bag, where the real bag has the continuous leather rolled through the bale. I can't believe they are standing with their claim that the bags are real.
  5. yes the fake is quite a bad one.Thanks for posting these pics
  6. these fakes make me cringe.. they really aren't even good fakes !!!!! :sad:
  7. Actually kinda makes me glad that they're not good fakes because otherwise we wont catch it so quickly. Can you imagine if they were superfakes? :Push:
  8. Thanks so much for you pics. And look how beautiful your leather is compared to Blueflys.
  9. I bought a bbag from bluefly awhile back and it was authentic, weird that they are selling all these fakes now.. here is a pic of the bales on mine.

  10. Thanks for the comparison photos!
  11. Wow, Bluefly must not know. At least you can get your money back, right? :wondering
  12. What an education! thank you. Who would have thought that Bluefly would be selling fakes. Thanks for the comparison pics. I figured Bluefly wouldn't sell fakes because people would complain/sue etc. and the company would end up going in the toilet but, it seems that they have poor quality control and somehow these Bbags are being sold. I have never purchased from Bluefly and at this point probably never will. I'd rather spend the extra $ at the store for peace of mind. thanks again.
  13. Thanks for the comparison pics. It is appreciated. It gives us the know-how to spot fakes in the future. I'm so sorry this happened with Bluefly. They were legit. Even if they did not know they were fakes shame on them. Now people will question everything they sell which is totally understandable.
  14. Thanks for posting the excellent pictures, Spiralsnowman! They clearly show the difference.

    I was just on the Bluefly site and thinking "what the h#$%!" Those bags look very suspicious. I'm shocked!

    I feel sad for people who are buying those bags thinking they're authentic. :sad2:
  15. This was a great resource, thank you, Spiral. The only explanation I can think of is that it's an innocent mistake and they have a CLUELESS buyer. I know they've sold authentics in the past, based on what I've seen here, and so they probably just got hoodwinked by some vendor. The inexcusable part is that they are *continuing* to sell these fakes today! They must suspect by now (especially after all the PF complaints) and should at least yank the bags from their inventory until they figure things out! DUH!