Phooey's apple green day and phooey's sister's eggplant city!

  1. Hi, Guys! As promised, I'm posting pics of my sister and myself with our Bbags. She was really surprised and was actually speechless when I gave her her gift! Hope this turns out OK. It took me 4 days to post these pictures- hee, hee, I suck at this! Have to thank my dear husband for helping me with this (and thanks to Vlad- it was your posting on how to attach photos that hubby read)

    Photos with apple green day- Phooey
    Photoes of eggplant city- Phooey's sis
    IMG_0574.JPG IMG_0575.JPG IMG_0576.JPG IMG_0572.JPG
  2. Awwww phooey I said this before, but that really is SO SWEET of you to do that for you sister :love: You two look FABULOUS with your gorgeous bags!
  3. Oh Wow, both bags look so lovely! Congrats to your sister! She must be so happy and a what a great present! Wish I received balenciaga's as gifts.
  4. Those are truly beautiful colors!!! DROOLING over the eggplant (purple is my fav color)! Did you buy that for your sister! OMG! That is so sweet!
  5. Wow!!! Awesome bags and they look great on you both!
  6. Those bags are gorgeous!!!! They look fabulous on both of you!!!:heart:
  7. Hi, Hatikuh, Hellosunshine,Zacorey, Thanks. Zacorey- yeah, I was very lucky and managed to get the bag on Ebay! My sister 's favourite colour is eggplant and she has been looking for this colour for ages! She loves it and I actually felt really happy seeing how much she liked it :love:
    PS- thanks, smallfry and pupsterpurse
  8. ^^^that's very nice of you! I love to see the happiness in the person's face when they get such a remarkable gift!
  9. Yeah, Zacorey, sometimes, it's better to give than to receive. A cliche, I know but it's right!
  10. wow they both look absolutely gorgeous!!! you're the best sister EVER!!! the egglplant looks sooo rich

  11. aww,that was so kind of you.It's weird because since I've become a b-bag addict...I'm hoping to save enough to buy my sister a truffle day or a origan day sometime around october...right before her birthday! :smile:
  12. Thanks Peanut! Hellosunshine- your sister will love you forever! It'll be a great birthday present!Thanks really nice of you. Bbags make a great present. Every girl needs a bag and a Bbag is both stylish yet practical! Listen, to me, I should be spokesperson for Balenciaga!
  13. You both look amazing!! I'm trying to find a perfect bbag for my sis too!
  14. omg Phooey! That hobo is HOT on you! and you got such a great deal on the eggplant! It will def not loose it's value. it's FAB!!
  15. you both look great!!! and what a sweet story, it makes me smile!